Wall of Memories

People, places, love, and events

Wall of Memories


A wall of memories of times that caused us to take a better path in life…the people, places, and events


As we go through life each of us has experienced times when a word said here or an experience shared there has help lead us to a better path. Maybe it was a teacher that caused you to pause and think. Maybe a friend, loved one, or even a leader. Maybe it was a place that shook you down to your soul or raised you to new levels of compassion. Maybe it was an event that opened your mind to what could be.

Walker Chapel is the place where you can write those memories on a wall. It is not a memorial but rather a permanent marker of that memory so important to who you are. A marker that each time you see it causes you to again experience that time…built to last centuries.

The Wall of Memories is part of the retaining wall now entering construction.  Estimated availability is January, 2022.