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Main Cemetery


The Historic Main Cemetery for current and past members of Walker Chapel


For the first time in many years the main cemetery was opened for new licenses on March 1, 2021 with 35 gravesites available. The number of sites is limited but we are researching older sites that have not been used and will be attempting to reclaim them for your use.

Main Cemetery Layout

The Licensing Process

Applications are processed by the Cemetery team, one at a time, on a first-come / first-served basis. The Trustees and Council observers often participate.

The applicant’s membership with Walker Chapel will be verified via Servant Keeper, the Chapel’s data system. Only current and past members may apply. Non-members should contact the Pastor for assistance in becoming a member.

The applicant will be scheduled for an in-person or online meeting with the Cemetery team to view the location of available sites. All Covid-19 precautions will be followed.

The applicant will select their gravesite(s) and complete their application acknowledging by signature they have read and agree to comply with the Policy, Procedures, and Rules. Each site may accommodate two casketed burials or six cremains burials or combination thereof.

The Cemetery team will attempt to validate again that the selected site(s) are unused. Due to the age of the cemetery, it is never possible to be certain, but a double check is prudent.

The applicant will pay for the selected site(s) in full at the rate of $8,000.00 per gravesite and in return the Cemetery team will issue a confirmation Gravesite License and record the license in the records of Walker Chapel.

If you would like to discuss licensing, please send us an email…