Care Options

Caring in Many Ways

Main Cemetery

The Historic Main Cemetery for current and past members of Walker Chapel


A formal wall of granite covered niches for individual, companion, and family urns

Wall of Memories

A wall of memories of times that caused us to take a better path in life…the people, places, and events

Scattering Garden

A garden of native and ornimental plantings for family scattering of ashes

Memorial Garden

The site of the original Walker Chapel, now a patio with rememberance plaques

About our Cemetery

How big is the Cemetery?

There are 389 lots containing 1,150 gravesites where each gravesite may contain one or two casketed interments or six cremains interments.

How many are buried in the Cemetery?

There are 661 recorded burials in the cemetery but as we continue to physically inspect we are finding probable graves with no stones or markers.  As we confirm these sites the number of burials will increase.

Is there any room for more?

There are gravesites that have never been licensed and more that have been licensed but never used.  Our research team is confirming these sites and in 2020 we will be advertising our intent to re-claim unused sites where we have no living contact.

Who may be buried in the Cemetery?

The cemetery is for the members of Walker Chapel and may be used by them and their extended families.  The Historic Cemetery Project will enhance and expand the cemetery while providing burials for all in the community who wish their creamains to be at rest in a Christian cemetery.