Current Projects

The cemetery has a 5-year plan of projects to enhance, improve, and expand the cemetery for all in the community wishing to be eternally resting in a historic Church cemetery.  You can read about the current list of project, see photographs as we go, and enjoy videos of the ongoing construction with the roar of heavy equipment.

Walker Chapel

United Methodist Church

4102 N. Glebe Road
Arlington, Virginia 22207






Our Ministry

Our ministry is to work with you, the family and funeral director to provide comprehensive interment services including opening & closing graves and niches, set up for graveside services, and eternal care for those resting in our historic Chapel cemetery.  We are here every day to participate in the preservation of you memories.

The Chapel

 A Chapel by name for its comfortable warmth with loving hands to help you through your journey


Military Honors

A military honor for a proper send off and a thank you for your service





The Funeral

Before the alter with its symbols of faith, beneath the Cross of Jesus Christ on the panels of the twelve apostles, and overseen by the dove image of the Holy Spirit.










Eternal Care

 Loving care from family, friends, and the congregation of Waker Chapel; before, now, and forever.









A gathering in memory of one passed to eternal care, to share love for them and each other, and to pause and reflect on the gift of Jesus Christ to us from God.

Creation . Redemption . Salvation .

The best parts of life are faith, hope, and love.

Above all things, we rejoice in love which will last beyond the grave.